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 Bed-exit Alarm

Instant Notification

For elderly patients who are living with dementia or have walking difficulty,

the automatic bed alarm will send a notification within three seconds of user getting up and/or out of bed.

iCue is the ideal smart assistant for all care facilities, especially during short-staffed night shifts.


Prevention of Falls and Injuries

Falls are one of the scariest, most unwanted experiences. Even if a fall does not result in an injury, it can leave your elderly patient vulnerable and unnerved.


In a homecare facility, one of the most important things is to make the environment as risk-free as possible. 

With the use of iCue, an alert is sent within three seconds of its user getting up and/or out of bed, allowing the caregiver to get there in time to provide help.

  • Approximately 50% of residents in elderly care facilities experience the danger of severe and fatal falls

  • Every bed in a care facility suffer an average of 1.5 times of falling incidents per year

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Help Your Caregivers Level Up

Constant monitoring of patients is a vital part of a caregiver’s job but even the best caregiver can be overwhelmed with stress. The addition of iCue can offer relief to a caregiver: time to rest, time for other important tasks and less burden that might lead to a burnout. 

By providing smart care technology to your caregivers, you help them perform better. The iCue dashboard oraganizes real-time information a caregiver requires to oversee all patient beds in an efficient and effective way. This in turn helps you to avoid problems like understaffing, workplace burnout and high employee turnover, reducing overall running costs.

  • 68% of caregivers report an increase in quality of life after using iCue


Seamless Integration
Between Traditional and New

iCue Round-the-clock Care Assistant

Effortless upgrade in elderly care without the need to replace entire beds

 Smart technology can be affordable and integration can be seamless

iCue is placed under the patient’s original mattress retaining usual comfort 

No inconveniences to daily routines


Love can be very simple


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All data are cited from public information provided by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.